Tile flooring is a durable, easy to clean and versatile option for flooring in your home. Cincinnati homeowners have various options when choosing tile flooring
for their home. Today's homes vary in construction materials and styles, but tile flooring adds value and beauty.  Choosing between stone tile, fired tile, cork tile
or rubber tile for your floor should be based on usage, your budget and cleaning requirements, which are unique to each homeowner in Cincinnati.

Now that you have decided to install tile flooring, you have questions about the types of tile flooring available and the best tile flooring option for your home.
  • Can I use ceramic tile flooring in my foyer?
  • Will stone tile flooring be suitable for my second floor bathroom?
  • Does porcelain tile flooring resists scratching?
  • What is the benefit to using rubber tile flooring?
  • Is cork tile flooring cheaper than natural stone tile and will it last?

With so many options in materials, styles, colors and patterns, homeowners are often overwhelmed with the decision.  Our flooring contractors can help you
choose, install and clean your tile flooring.

Tile flooring is available in various materials.  Stone tile flooring continues to be popular with many Cincinnati homeowners because of it's durability, versatility
and classic look of elegance. Stone tiles such as marble, travertine and limestone are calcite based stones and suitable for your bathroom, kitchen, patio, foyer,
shower and more.  Equally versatile stones such as granite and slate provided Cincinnati homeowners with tile flooring options throughout the home
depending on usage and personal style.  Porcelain, ceramic and saltillo tile provide an alternative flooring option because of cost and color options.  Newer but
equally versatile tile materials such as cork and rubber provide homeowners with a contemporary and durable flooring surface.  

Dream Pro CONNECT formerly Home Servcies Link takes care of that for you.

We have contractors to perform all your flooring improvements.  Most are smaller, experienced contractors and very competitive on pricing.

We help you quickly and easily find screened, insured, reliable flooring contractors.

Contact us today to be connected with a professional flooring installer. Tell us what you need and we will put the right people in touch with you within 24 hours.
We will even provide multiple bids if you like. We do the legwork for you.

All of our flooring contractors are licensed, insured and pre-qualified to install all types of flooring in your home or business. Your safety, and the safety and
comfort of your family may depend on the professionalism of our contractors so we screen them carefully. All of our Cincinnati flooring installation contractors  go
through a
11 step screening and selection process so you can be confident in their quality and ability to complete your flooring replacement or maintenance on
time and on budget.

Dream Pro CONNECT formerly Home Services Link will put the right people in touch with you. People you can trust in your home …and trust to do the work.
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