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Cincinnati Landscaping
Landscaping or lack of it can make or break the curb appeal of a house. Too much, the wrong plantings, poorly maintained all can have a very negative effect. A great
landscape design take into account several key elements ranging from the climate and topography to level of maintenance required. Here are several items to
consider as you design your perfect landscape or you could just call Dream PRo CONNECT to locate a landscape architect/designer to handle the task for you
anywhere in the greater Cincinnati and northern Kentucky area.

Maintenance: Do you have lots of time working weekly in your garden or do you prefer a lower maintenance design that might encompass perennials and drought
resistant plants? You should also look into different varieties of plants that you prefer for dwarf or slow growth variations requiring much less pruning. What type of
ground cover will you use? Traditional mulch? Decorative gravel? Or a vegetation like ivy? Will you be
installing an irrigation system for either your lawn or a soaker/
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Water Feature
misting system for your planting beds? Another important item to consider for many areas around Cincinnati is
the attraction of deer to your plantings. A single deer can destroy over night a beautiful decorative bed so think
about selecting plants that deer are not attracted too.

Size of landscaped area: It is important the landscape not overwhelm the house or property. Even if you want
to landscape the entire yard to not have grass to maintain the landscaping needs to be in proportion to the
house and lot size. It may mean you have a larger percentage of the area covered with mulch or ground cover
versus hiding your house with vegetation. A particular design that you like may look great on a southern
plantation with a multiple acre property versus a 1/6 of an acres subdivision lot.

Walkways: Most landscapes will encompass some type of walkway from the simple sidewalk entrance to a
house to more elaborate pathways through a large garden. The material choices again are vast to meet your
design parameters. Traditionally sidewalks have been simple poured concrete. Today this concrete can be
decorated and stained to mimic a variety of finishes. Pavers now also come in all shapes, sizes and finishes.
Decorative gravels and synthetic materials like rubber granules are also an option.

Natural stone is your more expensive choice for patio and walkway surfaces along with slabs of stone for
steps. When installing pavers or natural stone, the base preparation and actually installation are critical to
quality of your surface for years to come. You want it to survive the effects of freezing and thawing in the winters
and settlement over time. This will require the skills of an
experienced mason or landscaper which can be
found through Home Services Link .
lighting can also reduce the vulnerability to prowlers. Motions detector lighting and irrigation systems also provide great protection. Fencing can work for and
against you. Fencing makes it more difficult to get in and out but privacy fencing can provide the intruder more time to break in without being seen.

Landscaping designed and installed by a quality landscaper can do wonders for a property. The options are endless to create your own paradise.

We help you take the guesswork out of selecting a Cincinnati landscaping company. Our contractors are expert in helping you select the best landscape features,
plants and landscape lighting for your home and budget, and are carefully
screened to make sure that you are satisfied with the quality and value of their work.

Dream Pro CONNECT formerly Home Services Link will put the right people in touch with you. People you can trust in your home....and trust to do the work.
Special Features: Today’s technologies offer a variety of special features to incorporate into your
landscape design. Architectural lighting is very popular to light a dark property at night to
highlight features of the home along with providing a security element as well. Water features
are also more common and include fish ponds, waterfalls and fountains to name a few.
Fencing can add an interesting look to a design. You are no longer limited to wooden privacy
fences. The vinyl and aluminum options now on the market greatly expand the level of creativity
for defining your boundaries. Retaining walls in combination with fencing provide the safety
element needed on steeper terrain. Retaining walls can be constructed of stackable stone or
interlocking wall pavers, landscape timbers or railroad ties, or for the purist a real stone or brick
wall constructed by a stone mason. A newer technology available is a formless poured concrete
retaining wall that is finished in a stone pattern to look like a real stone wall.
Security: Visibility is a factor to consider when selecting the size and type of plants to be located
around windows and doors to minimize hiding places for vandals and burglars. Landscape
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