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Cincinnati Kitchen Remodeling
The keys to any successful home remodel are planning, organization, and communication. The more time and energy you put into your project, both before and
during the construction phase, the more time and money you will save in the long run when your job is completed as planned.  One of the more popular projects
for homeowners is a new kitchen.  Many Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky residents have lived in their homes for 15+ years and don’t know what they are

Nothing makes a home more desirable these days then a new kitchen with all the bells and whistles (well maybe good schools and neighborhoods are more
important!).   And most new homeowners either look for a home with a great kitchen or desire to renovate their kitchen at some point during the home ownership

The kitchen home renovation process can be grueling, but if done correctly, very rewarding.  You can, indeed, avoid some of the grueling aspects of the kitchen
renovation process by hiring the right contractors.  It’s possible to avoid major pitfalls while remodeling your kitchen, but only with the right team. Home Services
Link can help you pick the right contractors for your project and make sure everything goes as planned.                                                                       
Here are a few kitchen renovation tips:

1. Avoid adding square feet to your kitchen by expanding. Adding a room or even a small bump out to
increase the size of your kitchen will be costly and complicated (permits, foundation work, framing, etc.)   
Large, open, kitchens are the current fad, but that may not always be the case.  Plus, you don't need a huge
kitchen to cook great food and you'll avoid being a slave to your general contractor for 6-12 months.  

2. Go the extra mile on cabinets and flooring.  If there are two elements of your kitchen that will take the
most abuse it's your floor and cabinets.  Opt for solid wood cabinet faces and full plywood box construction.  
On the flooring side, avoid hardwood floors (it just doesn't make sense in a room that will see tons of foot
traffic, spills of all sorts, water, etc.)  Instead opt for a Porcelain tile or possibly a natural stone.  Hardwood
floors are nice to stand on because they give a little and help with back pain, but it's no substitute for the
resilience of a solid, and indestructible, tile surface.   

3. Start from scratch!  Its best if you gut your existing kitchen so that you can re-wire, re-plumb, level the
floor, and look for potential problems.  You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find and have peace of mind that
nothing is going to pop-up a few years down the road.  Many homeowners are scared to see what’s back
there and end up with major issues in the future.
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and reliable
4. Lighting is important.  It’s amazing how much lights have changed in the past 20 years.  You’ll be putting in a great kitchen so you better show it off and lighting
is the best way to highlight your remodel.  Under cabinet lighting has become really popular the past few years and really sets the mood for dinner parties.

5. Don't overlook ventilating your kitchen.  Whether you opt for an industrial-like stove or go with a traditional 4 burner model, you should overcompensate when it
comes to an exhaust system.  Your best bet is to have your stove installed on an outside wall so that you don't have a long run to the outside.  

Also, something that is commonly overlooked.  If you currently have an unfinished basement that’s on your to-do list, keep it unfinished until after the kitchen is
done.  This will make life a lot easier for your remodeling contractors to access important electrical and plumbing.

Dream Pro CONNECT formerly Home Services Link will put the right people in touch with you. People you can trust in your home …and trust to do the work.
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