stencil is removed, the pattern remains. The pattern can be anything your like including animals, stars, patterns, flowers, the alphabet and more.  Faux painting
creates the illusion of natural materials such as wood, marble, granite, etc. Rubber stamping is fast and easy. It's the same technique used to create greeting
cards and handmade gifts just on your walls.  For the artistic homeowner, murals add beauty and personal style to any room.

With so many options, homeowners can personalize their home with color and technique.  Just remember when it's time to sell, go neutral and stick with the
basics.  You want potential buyers to envision their furniture and furnishings in the space.

It's now time to prepare the walls and your home for painting.  Take the extra time to prepare and you'll save time with your interior painting project.  Remove light
switches, outlet plates, light fixtures, window treatments and furniture.  Patch nail holes, dents and cracks with spackle and don't forget to let it dry.  Sand or
scrape loose paint and even the edges.  Use painter's tape to keep wall paint off the ceiling and of window frames.  Use drop cloths to cover the floor.  Apply a
primer if your walls are a darker paint color, your removed wallpaper or your walls are new.  Applying a primer will save you money and time.  

The prep work is complete and now is the time to paint.  Be sure that you use new and quality rollers and paint brushes.  Using the right tools will make the job
easier and provide the results desired.  Begin painting by starting at the top and moving downward.  Typically you should start with the ceiling, upper woodwork,
the walls and finally the lower woodwork.  It's a matter of personal choice to edge first or last.  Your main paint application will be with a roller thus allowing even
paint distribution over larger areas.  

Homeowners throughout Cincinnati and northern Kentucky benefit from painting the interior of their home.  So whether you want to get rid of the builder's white
walls in your new home in Loveland, Maineville, Hebron and Liberty Township or refresh your Hyde Park, Park Hills and Wyoming established home, we can
help.  We take the guesswork out of choosing a Cincinnati painting contractor. Our professional painters can assist you with exterior and interior painting. The
contractors are expert in helping you select the best paint for your home and budget, and are carefully screened to make sure that you are satisfied with the
quality and value of their work.

Dream PRo CONNECT formelry Home Services Link will put the right people in touch with you. People you can trust in your home ...and trust to do the work.
"Thanks for referring us to a painting
contractor. The job is finished and
the rooms look great!"
- David,
Loveland, OH
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When it's time to freshen up your home's interior appearance, painting a room or rooms is one of the best and
paint on walls, floors, or furniture can change the look of a room at very little cost.

You should begin by planning your painting project.  Planning is key to a fast, easy and successful interior
painting project.  It's certainly a DIY project if you have the time and patience, but
skilled professional painters
can save you time and money.  So whether you want to enhance your own living space, get rid of the builder's
white walls or want to make your home more appealing to buyers, interior painting is the answer.
You'll need to decide on paint color, paint finish and paint technique.

you are certain that you want your walls to be the focal point in the room. Your best bet is to find the most neutral shades for the colors that you have in mind. If you
have the time and can't decide on colors for your home's interior, purchase the top paint contenders, a few brushes and paint 12" x 12" patches on the wall.  
Leave for at least a day so that you can evaluate how well they will work in the room, and how they look in natural and artificial lighting. Although a relatively
inexpensive redecorating project, you don't want to choose the wrong colors and be disappointed with the completed job.  If choosing colors is not your strength,
When you're ready to buy paint, don't let price be the only factor influencing your buying decision. Spend a few more dollars for high quality paint that will last
longer and look better.

After all, which ever interior painting idea you choose, you'll want everyone to think and say..WOW!

Now that you've chosen your interior paint color(s), it's time to determine the type of paint such as flat, satin,
semi-gloss and gloss finishes.  Each paint finish has it's benefits.  Flat paint is standard for most walls and has
a low sheen.  Satin paint can be used on most walls where you want a slight sheen and ease of cleaning.
Semi-gloss paint is great for kitchens, bathrooms and children's rooms because they are durable. Gloss paint
is best used for trim, base boards and doors because of it's high sheen.

If you're interested in adding texture and depth to a room, also consider one of these decorative interior painting
techniques: wall stencilling, faux painting, rubber stamping or murals.  Wall stencilling involves applying color to
a wall, floor, or ceiling through cutout areas of a template that create a design. When the cutout template or
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