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home maintenance inspector will evaluate
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Cincinnati Exterior House Painting
Painting is one of the fastest, easiest, and cheapest ways to add real value
to your home. Quality materials and proper technique are important when
painting the interior or exterior of your home. Homes in older neighborhoods
such as Columbia Tusculum with it's beautiful painted ladies and the lovely
painted homes of Wyoming or newer homes in Mason, Union and
Maineville need to be refreshed periodically.   

Professional painters identify exterior house painting as the most important
home maintenance project that can be done. Often the paint and caulking is
all that is stopping damage from the weather and water. When you decide to
refresh the paint on the exterior of your home, don't forget that it's a detailed
process. Planning prevents problems. You will need to prepare the exterior
surface of your home.  

This includes cleaning the exterior thoroughly by washing the surfaces to be
painted.  Pressure washing is the best method but should be done with
caution as not to damage your siding, windows or brick.

The next step is scraping and sanding.  The scraping and sanding should
be combined as each can find loose paint the other technique missed. For
rough wood, such as rough sawn cedar, your only choice is to use a wire
brush. Wire paint stripper attachments for power drills can also be used.
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This is the most labor intensive part of exterior painting, but the most important. All of the loose paint must be found and then removed; this forms the foundation
for the entire paint job. Use caution when scraping and sanding because homes built prior to 1978 may contain lead based paints.  Our professional painters
have the experience and knowledge on how best to deal with these situations.

The final stages of preparation are caulking, masking, covering landscape with plastic or cloth coverings and priming the surface.

Now that you have your home's exterior prepared for painting, chose the best quality paint for your budget.  In doing so, you prolong the life of your exterior paint job
and reduce your overall project cost. The most common exterior painting methods are brushing and rolling or spraying.  Both work well and are suitable for most

Every different type of surface on your home can require a different exterior painting technique. Plus, which painting technique that is used will depend on the type
of finish you choose. Generally there is four categories of surfaces; the body, trim, windows and doors.

The body of your home is the largest are to be painted. Homes in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky typically are constructed of siding or brick, but you may also
have a home or garage constructed of stucco or concrete block. Whether you have vinyl siding, wood siding, steel siding, aluminum siding or masonite siding, you
can paint the surface with the proper paint and preparation.

No exterior painting job is complete without the finishing touches on the trim. The trim draws the entire house together. Don't forget to select a complimentary paint
color for your fascia boards,  gutters, soffits, corner boards, window frames and door frames.

Painting the exterior of your home or garage is an important decision to protect your greatest asset.  It is a DIY job that requires patience, skill and time or you
hire a professional painter.  When choosing a painting professional to complete your exterior painting job, you will have questions.

  • How long will the exterior painting job take?
  • What brand of paint will you use? Do you supply the painting supplies?
  • Is an oil based or latex paint better?
  • What preparation steps does the contractor take?  Pressure Wash? Sanding? Caulking?
  • Does the contractor have insurance?
Dream Pro CONNECT formerly Home Services Link helps you take the guesswork out of
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and interior painting. The contractors are expert in helping you select the best paint for your
home and budget, and are

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