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Cincinnati Bathroom Remodeling
Let’s face it; some of us spend way too much time in the bathroom.  Whether you’re relaxing in that soaker tub or getting ready for an exciting night.  Nesting may be the ‘90’
s buzzword, but the inspiration for our bathrooms is just the opposite. Spurred by the spa-like bathroom areas high-end hotels provide during business trips, homeowners
are turning their necessary rooms into sanctuaries devoted to pampering.  

High-end looks such as marble, granite and onyx, and grand architectural touches are everywhere.  This also explains why Cincinnati homeowners, who remodel their
bathrooms this decade, are often motivated by the need for more space. Each material you put in your bathroom has its “ups & downs”.  Be sure to prioritize with whatever
works with your family life and schedule.

Bathroom Flooring

Experts note that the natural quarry look of slate, granite and marble are by far the most popular flooring choice for homeowners when renovating the bathroom.  The
natural appearance helps hide any issues that may arise. Another major advantage is the inconsistency of many of these materials means remodeling projects can pick
up where the original flooring stops -- a perfect match is not even desirable. But when stone flooring is not  available or a strain on your budget, homeowners chose other
popular materials like ceramic tile and vinyl materials to achieve the desired flooring look for their remodeled bathroom.  Let one of our bathroom
flooring experts assist
you in making the right choice for your bathroom and budget.

The building structure of your home often can make the flooring decision simpler. If the bathroom is over a crawl space or basement, the contractor must put down a half-
inch thick concrete board to strengthen the floor and assure that the grout does not crack when homeowners use
ceramic tile flooring.  Ceramic tile has experienced a
technological rebirth. Today’s product is impervious to chips and scratches, and holds up longer and cleans a lot easier thanks to more consistent glazing, controlled heat
processes and better chemicals in the clay composition. Vinyl flooring requires only a thin sheet of plywood sub-floor, which prevents the homeowner from stepping up
into the finished room as well-- an unwelcome byproduct of ceramic tiles. Today’s
vinyl flooring is not the same as you saw in your grand parents’ house.   New versions of
this old favorite are technologically enhanced to not only last longer but to lay down a better looking floor. New designer inlay patterns, created by using chip construction,
deliver a high-end look.

Bathroom Shower, Vanity and Tub

A bathroom renovation is not complete without new shower and vanity installation. Often the homeowner will separate the shower and tub to continue the spa experience
at home. Over-sized shower stalls most likely house the most in-demand features available.  The good news for existing bathrooms is that these towers, because of their
slim-line style and acrylic materials, can be installed in standard shower stall.  Custom benches and seats in the shower’s interior are common, as are double shower
heads. In both older and newer homes, bathrooms have tiled walls which add beauty and detail to the bathroom. Using ceramic tiles for the shower walls and a glass
enclosure add value and style to your remodeled bathroom. To meet the on-the-run family demand, many Cincinnati homeowners are exploring pressure-balancing
systems that automatically adjust the shower whenever someone flushes the toilets or turns on the dishwasher or the washing machine. Valves keep the cascading
water within 2 degrees Fahrenheit of its original temperature. Some systems even offer memory capabilities that insure the water temperature remains consistent
between uses. Today's shower consists of much more than a faucet, some water-proof walls and a shower curtain.

The vanity area of your bathroom is an integral part of the room.  It's not only where you wash your hands, but serves as the final step in your morning. So it reasons that
homeowners would want a functional and attractive vanity. This area of the bathroom can be individualized to meet your grooming needs. Vanities’ newness lies at their
boundaries: bull-nose edges that render the counter top thicker are the most popular, followed by the beveled, more delicate touch of an ogee edge. Homeowners
pursuing the cutting edge lean more toward the deco drop-offs, which are built up slightly to invoke a Southwest flair.  Bathroom bowls come in a range of materials from
porcelain to stainless steel. At any finish, chic counter tops now rest 36 inches up from the floor, as the higher placement is more comfortable for most Americans.

The tubs’ role has diminished in frequency this decade -- still, a few household fixtures rival the temptation of an evening sinking into a pile of warm bubbles. For this
reason, over-sized tubs are also a hot item. Although cultured marble tubs cater to today’s lavish theme, acrylic is hands-down the material of choice for its light weight
and ability to conduct heat.

Bathroom Whirlpools

Likewise, whirlpools have turned on the power in recent models to better fulfill their niche. Hot tubs -- the outdoor versions that hold multiple bathers -- are designed to
steam away your stress; whirlpools for one or two bathers are more massage oriented. Many Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky homeowners are turning to these great
bathroom features to retreat from their stressful workdays.  Additional jets to cover each area of the body, varying the types of sprays they project and pressures to add to
the tension reduction allow bathroom whirlpool tubs to create a spa experience in your remodeled bathroom. And today’s whirlpool’s depth is fantastic. The latest versions
feature assorted depths, which accommodates a wider range of body types. Make sure you pick one that fits your family, don’t pick it out without allowing everyone to make
sure they fit in the tub.  The oval-shaped whirlpool measuring 72 inches by 42 inches is the most popular option.

Bathroom Toilets

The government’s mandate of 1.6-gallon "low-flush" toilets has given rise to pressurize-assisted versions that attack the multiple flush problems. Although they were
originally designed to rescue residents on a well system, this option equally is beneficial to urban dwellers, too. The one drawback: it’s a slightly noisier alternative.

Bathroom Walls and Accessories

No bathroom remodeling project is complete without newly tiled, painted or wall papered walls. Each wall covering is unique with its own pros and cons, but mainly
depends on the individual homeowners style and budget. Dream Pro CONNECT formerly Home Services Link has the right
painting and drywall contractor to complete
your bathroom renovation.

Once you decide to begin your bathroom remodeling project, you need to be assured that the contractor is reliable, screened and insured. Home Services Link helps you
take the guesswork out of selecting a Cincinnati bathroom remodeling contractor. Our contractors are expert in helping you create and build the best bathroom for your
home, budget and lifestyle, and are carefully
screened to make sure that you are satisfied with the quality and value of their work.

Dream Pro CONNECT formerly Home Services Link will put the right people in touch with you. People you can trust in your home …and trust to do the work.
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