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Cincinnati Appliance Repairs
Your appliances are an extremely important part of a home's proper functioning. Without these often taken for granted devices, chores would require more time
and energy. With that said when you need to launder your clothes, you expect that your washing machine and dryer will be there to do the job for you. On a hot
summer day in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, you expect  the fridge, with or without an ice maker, to make ice for your drinks.  

However, it's a common fact of life: Appliances eventually break. When they do, hiring an
appliance repair specialist is often the best course of action. Whether it's
a broken washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator or garbage disposal, it is often more cost effective to hire a repair specialist than to attempt a complex DIY
repair or to purchase a new appliance.

There are several factors to consider when contacting a specialist, and homeowners should also be aware of what to do if a broken appliance is beyond repair.

When to Contact an Appliance Repair Specialist
When an appliance breaks, it should first be shut off and unplugged. This prevents further damage to both the home and the appliance. If the appliance is still
under warranty, the manufacturer can be contacted to determine if there has been a recent recall and to let the company know about the problem. The
troubleshooting tips in the appliance owner's manual can also be consulted; there may be an easy solution that does not necessitate a phone call for help.

From there, if the homeowner cannot repair the appliance, a phone call can be made to an appliance repair specialist. It can be expensive to hire help, but the
alternative may be purchasing an even more costly new appliance. Homeowners can ask their neighbors or friends for recommendations, or they can check with
the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for reputable specialists in their neighborhood.

When an Appliance Cannot Be Repaired
In some cases, an appliance cannot be repaired. Either the cost is too great, or the damage is too extensive. A rule of thumb for homeowners to consider is that if
the appliance repair cost is more than half the price of a new product, they should skip the repair and head to the store for a new appliance.

There are special rules to know about when disposing of faulty appliances. According to the
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), municipal solid waste
landfills can receive household appliances that are unworkable. For appliances that use ozone-depleting refrigerants, such as refrigerators or window air
conditioners, the landfill must follow certain disposal procedures. This means the appliance owner must properly remove the refrigerant or obtain a written
contract stating the ozone-depleting substance has been dismantled.

Tips on Appliance Repair
According to Consumer Reports, if an appliance is more than eight years old, it might be better to purchase a new one rather than repair it. Replacement parts
might be difficult for a repair specialist to locate, increasing the cost to the owner. Newer models might also be more energy-efficient, allowing a homeowner to
save money on day-to-day use of the appliance. Many specialists are able to provide information about newer, more cost-effective appliances introduced to the
market in the event that the appliance is beyond repair.

Hiring a Contractor
Once you decide that it's best to call an appliance expert ; you have to hire a contractor. Home Services Link can help make this task less of a burden. We will
check references and insurance along with the on-going performance records of the different contractors documenting their past performance. If contractors do
not perform to our standard consistently, they will not continue to be part of our preferred provider network.

Here are a few common questions to ask:

  • When can you repair my appliance?How long will the job take?
  • What do you charge? Do charges typically include labor and parts.(Please, note that much like a plumber or HVAC contractor, the appliance repair contractor must
    perform diagnostic work. So a service charge is standard even if the appliance can't be repaired.)
  • Are you an authorized service provider?

Proper maintenance and repairs are key to keeping your appliances working for you when you need them most.

Dream Pro CONNECT formerly Home Services Link will put the right people in touch with you. People you can trust in your home …and trust to do the work.
"The contractor arrived on time, was very professional
and friendly and he did an excellent job. The work was
completed in a timely manner. Thank you so very much!"
- Beverly, West Chester, OH
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